Al-Kauthar Al-Khaleej

Al-Kauthar Al-Khaleej

10 Hassan Badran St. Abbas Al-Akkad. Naser City Cairo Cairo Egypt


Al-Kauthar Al-Khaleej Company (KKC) established in 2014, provides banking equipment, cash handling and money sorter machines, security systems, data show and projectors. KKC offers electrical, mechanical, security and safety solutions covering lighting, HVAC, plumbing, security systems, fire alarm, access control, CCTV and firefighting. KKC deals with major multinational companies and has its own OEM brands. The company’s objective is to provide exemplary turnkey solutions and services at affordable rates. KKC’s mission is to bring all electrical, mechanical and electronic low voltage systems under one roof. KKC’s target market includes residential apartments, ministries, petrochemical installations, ports, industrial complex, multistory office/residential buildings, compounds, schools, training institutions, public parks, hotels, resorts, sports hall, hospitals and malls.


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